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Protest Against Caging Migrant Children and Separating Families 

17 June 2019, 9:00 AM

Place des Nations, 1202 Genève, Switzerland


One year ago, as President Trump's cruel family separation policies hit the news, our union sprang into action and led a group to file a human rights complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Council against the Trump administration. The UNHRC has been quietly investigation the situation and this week a committee will consider our complaint. 


This is huge. Complaints like this don't usually make it this far. On 17 June we held a rally in Geneva as the UNHRC began meeting to tell them that they must take this complaint seriously. 

Speakers included: Randi Weingarten, Pres, American Federation of Teachers (AFT); Rosa Pavanelli, Gen-Sec, Public Services International (PSI); David Edwards, Gen-Sec, Education International (EI); Alfonso Cepeda Salas, Gen-Sec, SNTE, Mexican Educators Union; Jose Olivera, Dep Gen-Sec, STUNAM, Mexican University Workers Union; Students from International School Geneva

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In June 2018, the American Federation of Teachers, Public Services International, Education International, along with Mexican teachers unions, faith organizations, civil and human rights groups, and more than 100,000 individuals, submitted a formal human rights complaint with the U.N. Human Rights Council against the Trump administration over its family separation policies and its practice of keeping migrant children in cages. The UNHRC has been quietly investigating the situation on the border, and a committee will be discussing this complaint against the Trump administration in Geneva, Switzerland, the week of June 17.

Children belong in school and with their families, not caged in detention centers. More than 2,500 children have been separated from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border in the last year. In the past six months, at least six have died while in custody. Now is our opportunity to take a stand and encourage the U.N. to stop this.

We must let the UNHRC know that this cruelty and these human rights abuses cannot be ignored.

There will be a demonstration in Geneva on June 17, but you can help right now. Send a letter to the UNHRC: Let council members know that we expect them to stand up for these innocent children who are being subjected to this unimaginable cruelty.

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